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Guy Marino
Emme Room-by-Room

Balancing Comfort and Conservation

You want your family to be comfortable but you also want to reduce your household energy use. These two desires don't have to be at odds.

Emme Room-by-Room zone control gives you easy-to-use tools that make your home more energy efficient while still providing superior temperature control. An independent study reported that after installing a Emme Room-by-Room system most homeowners lowered their heating and cooling energy use, some by as much as 40%.
Eliminate Hot and Cool Spots

Minimizes Over-Conditioning

Most homes have a heating and cooling system controlled by a single thermostat. Unfortunately the temperature at the thermostat is seldom representative of the temperature throughout the home; in some cases it can vary as much as 20 degrees. In order to get a tolerable temperature in the occupied portions of the home, most people set the thermostat 3 degrees lower or higher than their true "comfort temperature". This results in much of the house being over-heated or over-cooled. Emme Room-by-Room measures and regulates temperature on a room-by-room basis, drastically reducing over-conditioning.
Tailor the Temperature to the Person or Activity

Reduces Conditioning While the Home Is Unoccupied

Why waste energy heating and cooling your home as if it's occupied, when there will be no one there for most of the day? Emme Room-by-Room's AWAY feature makes it easy to reduce conditioning when your home is unoccupied for long periods of time, such as when you're on vacation or out all day running errands. Simply set the time of your return to ensure that your home will be comfortable when you get back. If your home is unoccupied for long periods during the day, using AWAY mode can result in big savings.
Tailor the Temperature to the Person or Activity

Reduces Conditioning in Unused Rooms

A family of four typically occupies less than half the square footage of their home. Yet many rooms that are unoccupied get heated and cooled just the same. That's why every Emme Room-by-Room Smart Controller™ is equipped with a SAVER button. By pressing SAVER you reduce conditioning in that room. This is great for rooms that are frequently unoccupied, like a home office or a guest bedroom. When you want to use the room, press SAVER again and the room returns to its normal temperature schedule.
Tailor the Temperature to the Person or Activity

Balances Temperatures without Heating or Cooling Using Smart Circulation™

Your home is influenced by a variety of heat sources other than your furnace. Sunlight, interior lighting, home electronics, and occupants all contribute to the temperature of your home. Because of this, some rooms get too warm while others may be too cool. If Emme Room-by-Room detects substantial temperature differences within your home, it will use high-speed circulation to mix air from the warm rooms with air from the cool rooms. Meanwhile, rooms at the right temperature receive no circulation at all. This allows Emme Room-by-Room to keep your home comfortable while using the least amount of energy possible.
Tailor the Temperature to the Person or Activity

Helps You Make Smart Decisions

Emme Room-by-Room records the heating, circulation and cooling history of your entire home, as well as each individual room, for up to two weeks. This lets you see which rooms received heating, cooling and circulation and when it happened, allowing you to determine which rooms are using the most energy. Emme Room-by-Room also predicts how each setting change will affect your annual heating and cooling cost, allowing you to decide whether the extra comfort is worth the extra expense.